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"See that little stream—we could walk to it in two minutes. It took the British a month to walk to it—a whole empire walking very slowly, dying in front and pushing forward behind. And another empire walked very slowly backward a few inches a day, leaving the dead like a million bloody rugs. No…


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Hello Internet Friends and Acquaintances!
If we’ve spoken for more than ten minutes over the past decade, I’ve probably mentioned 826NYC and/or the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. They’re celebrating their tenth year of providing free educational programs and cape testing to folks in the…


Art Adams’ recreation of Byrne’s cover to Fantastic Four #266


Yes, unjust. But if your main issue with this is the use of an obsolete OED throwback, no word a black person will ever use will be good enough for you due to the color of the lips it has passed from.




Character: Black! Sailor Moon

Series: Sailor Moon/ Art by Horrorkissen

Amazing! Aaah!


A Chuubo’s quest for tricking/blackmailing your dog into learning martial arts, Inspired by an rpg.net discussion (here). Should probably have a 15 XP version that only allows one of the 5 XP options, but I was really tight on space.