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Friends, readers and colleagues,

It is with surpassing pride and gladness that I can, at long last, show you the cover to the upcoming complete collection of this series and announce the first opportunity to pre-order an copy for your very own. The book will include every tragedy, a 22 page story written and drawn by me just for the collection along with additional illustrations and other exclusive content that will not be available online.

If you have enjoyed the series thus far and would like to support it in a tangible way, it would be a great catalyst in the longterm potential success, proliferation and acceptance of this book in this wide, wild world of ours, if you would consider pre-ordering it from one of the following retailers:


Barnes and Noble


Please tell your friends, professors, pumpkins, pets and sworn enemies about it. I thank you for all the support, kindness and for the shared sense of comedy emerging from tragedy that we apparently share. Good day to you all.

Most sincerely,


This is ridiculously cheap for good content.



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Her moves get so slept on. She smooth as fuck.

That spin though

Smoove shit 👌

I love her

Been listening to this song so much lately

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i was taking pictures of the new puppy


when i look out the window to see the older dog just


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But I also discovered through the 23andMe close relative finder program that I have a half brother, Thomas.

With genetic testing, I gave my parents the gift of divorce (via iamdanw)


At first, I was thinking this is the coolest genetics story, my own personal genetics story. I wasn’t particularly upset about it initially, until the rest of the family found out. Their reaction was different. Years of repressed memories and emotions uncorked and resulted in tumultuous times that have torn my nuclear family apart.My parents divorced. No one is talking to my dad. We’re not anywhere close to being healed yet and I don’t know how long it will take to put the pieces back together. 

I don’t want to say if I knew that I wouldn’t have participated. But I’m really devastated at the outcome. I wrestle with these emotions. I love my family. This is nothing I ever would have wished. My dream would be to introduce Thomas to dad, to incorporate a new family tradition, to merge families. We all get to broaden our horizons and live happily ever after. At least right now, that’s not what happened. I still hold out hope that in time we can resolve things. But I also worry that as these transitions happen there may have been some permanent emotional damage that may not be able to be undone.

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As a woman, I’ve slowly been written out of the phone world and the phone market. That extra “.2” inches of screen size on each upgrade simply means that I can no longer do what I enviously observe men do every day: Check messages one-handed while carrying groceries or a bag; type a quick note while on a moving bus or a train where I have to hold on not to fall.

I must put down everything in my hands and use my phone with both hands for everything.

There is no rule that says the screen size must get bigger with each upgrade in memory or capabilities, and yet it does. For most men, it’s just one small, added benefit. For many women, though it’s a reminder that the tech industry doesn’t always remember or count your existence.

Just so we are clear: I don’t want a pink phone, I don’t want “women’s applications” and I don’t want ruffles or hello kitty on my phone.

I merely want a design that acknowledges that women exist, and women often have smaller hands than men.

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That’s interesting. As a dude with long fingers, I’m kind of leaned towards larger phones, which were less of the norm when I switched from Apple to the Android platform. 

When my wife upgraded, she went to the store and tried a bunch of phones by feel before she decided on one. She was concerned about the feel of it. She’s 5’5”, so the Moto X at 4.7” was just at the end of her comfort ability. She turned down a bunch based on that. The new Moto X is bigger and that’s such a dealbreaker.

Samsung’s done the best job out of all the manufactures of making several models that meet the fact that people are not all the same size. It’s a shame that the chase for bigger/better is discriminating against women. 

Women must make at least 50% of the phone market and probably more. I wonder if that will have an actual shift, or will women have to grin it and bear it with everything else.

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This is why my GF is super pissed about both of the new iPhones. Also not mentioned here: they’re going to be impossible to put in her pocket if she puts a case on them, the 5 barely fits as it is.

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The Amazing Spider-Man by Ron Frenz


Gemma Correll, on Tumblr


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"See that little stream—we could walk to it in two minutes. It took the British a month to walk to it—a whole empire walking very slowly, dying in front and pushing forward behind. And another empire walked very slowly backward a few inches a day, leaving the dead like a million bloody rugs. No…